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Elevage Labradors Grillo's spirit


F ortement built, kidney short, very active. The skull is wide. The chest is well let down and the ribs well developed; the loin and hindquarters are broad and powerful. 


Good character, very agile.  Excellent nose; sweet tooth; passion for water. Faithful companion, able to adapt everywhere. Intelligent, ardent and docile, he only asks to please. Naturally friendly, without any


  • Skull : Broad, well defined without thick (meaty) cheeks.

  • Stop : Marked.

  • Nose : Large, well developed nostrils.

  • Muzzle : Powerful; he is not in whistle.

  • Jaws/teeth : Jaws of medium length; jaws and teeth strong and exhibiting a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, ie the upper incisors overlapping the lower ones in close contact and set square to the jaws.

  • Eyes : Of medium size, expressing intelligence and good character. Brown or hazelnut in color.

  • Ears : Neither big nor heavy, they fall against the head and are set rather back.

  • Neck  : Clean, powerful and solid, fitting into the well-placed shoulders. 


  • Back : The topline is horizontal.

  • Loin : Broad, short and strong.

  • Chest : Very broad and well let down with semicircular ribs. This appearance should not be due to excess weight.


  • Overall view : rights from the elbow to the ground, whether seen from the front or from the side.

  • Shoulders : Long and oblique.

  • Forearms : Good bone and straight.

  • Forefeet : Round, compact: well arched toes and well developed pads.


  • Overall view : Well developed, the croup does not descend towards the tail.

  • Stifle (knee) : Well angulated.

  • Metatarsus/Hock : The joint (point) of the hocks is well let down. Cow hocks are to be avoided.

  • Hind feet : Round, compact; Well arched toes and well developed pads.

Coat quality : The coat is a distinctive feature of the Labrador. It is short and dense, without waves or bangs; it gives to the touch the impression of being passably rough; the undercoat is weather resistant. 

Entirely black, yellow or brown (liver-chocolate).

Yellow ranges from light cream to red (fox). A small white patch is permitted on the chest.


The weight is not specified in the standard but 35 to 40 kg for a male and 30 to 35 kg for a female seems reasonable.

Ideal height at the withers :  

  • Males: 56 – 57 cm  

  • Females: 54 – 56 cm


Clear and covering good ground. Fluid giving an impression of ease. Forelegs strong, straight, solid and well placed. Seeing the animal approach him, the observer must not be able to detect any movement of the elbows protruding from the body; the elbows remain glued to the latter and the legs, not too close to each other, take their stride without pacing or lateral movement. Seen from the rear, the hind legs, well muscled without cow hocks, appear to move as parallel as possible, with the hocks doing much of the work with ease. The animal gives an impression of strength and power.


  • Any deviation from the above should be considered a fault which will be penalized according to its seriousness and its consequences on the health and well-being of the dog and on its ability to carry out its traditional work.

  • Males should have two normal-looking testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

  •   Only dogs that are healthy and capable of performing the functions for which they have been selected, and whose morphology is typical of the breed, can be used for breeding.


  • Aggressive or fearful dog.

  • Any dog with obvious order abnormalities  physical or behavioral will be disqualified.

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